Should Democrats Apologize for Slowing Progress on Climate Change?

Do you have any idea how many of my conservative friends I've had to explain to that Climate Change is not a hoax created by the Chinese!?

Good thing I shoot guns, go to church, am not afraid of bacon, and can lift my own body weight, so, you know, them crazy rednecks'll trust me! >.>

Slow down junior, what kind of car you drive? 

Okay, he's one of us. 
Now putcha' clothes back on son or we're gonna call ya LeeRoy!

Fun fact: that picture was actually taken at the end of the ASU undie run my first year in grad school.* Took pics with at least a dozen other students in American flag underwear. High fives for everyone. 'Murica! Very fun clothing donation charity event. Yet after 5 consecutive years of kicking Harvard's ass in sexy student philanthropy (their students just run around naked in a field and don't contribute anything), it got banned because of poor perceptions.

You know what else got banned because of poor perceptions?
Federal support for Climate Change!

Yeah, why wasn't anyone talking about that at the Climate Leadership Conference? Seriously, are Democrats even capable of acknowledging when they make a mistake? Or do they all just want to be emperor and have the rest of us admire their new clothes? Everybody else in the org has to do an annual performance review, where's the talking heads's annual performance reviews!? Seriously, what do we do with all the people who hijacked/sold-out "Climate Change" as part of their mission to, idk, make everything illegal? (Check out this guy who prank petitioned to ban the ASU mascot Sparky the Sun Devil for being Satanic.)

"When are you going to realize you've lost your ability to control public opinion?
When are you going to realize that everyone thinks you're an absolute joke?
When are you going to realize that you don't have the moral high ground?
Almost everybody hates you because you're making everything joyless and terrible!
You've declared war on fun!"

We tried the words "Global Warming", and that didn't work, for technical reasons -- which this post is not about. The most concise and accurate words to describe our collective existential crisis with the ecosystem on spaceship earth are, as we've already agreed internationally, "Climate Change." But now for the next 2-6 years America's researchers gotta futz around with more paperwork and go through a dozen different dimensions of more specific effects terminology to navigate the bureaucratic process before they can actually do their jobs and feed their families, the general population's totally confused as to what the actual problems are or what they can do to help, morale is down, and... I can't even... All because the Democrats couldn't share, and just had to demonize coal. Or was it the more broad intolerance in the Academic publishing industry? Or was it all the race-gender-war-fear-mongering garbage being rammed down our throats? Or was it something else? Idk, my visibility has been rather limited for the last 4 years, because I've been, you know, SERVING MY COUNTRY and working on actually solving material problems. This whole situation is obnoxious, and as I said before, it's not the engineers fault, it's not the accountant's fault, it's not the janitor's fault, and it's not POTUS Trump's fault either. Pop-star Trump made an ignorant comment year's ago, but that was when @realDonaldTrump was playing a different character, check your facts!

Despite the general consensus at the conference, that Climate Change is indeed a non-partisan issue, there were still a few snickering comments about POTUS Trump that ranged from cheeky (okay, haha) to more vitriolic. Including, the person who got all emotionally upset and stormed off a minute into our conversation after I said POTUS's environmental policies have a bit of a different emphasis, but overall don't seem to be so bad, twice, and exclaimed something about me wearing a tie clip in the shape of a pistol. FYI - I was personally invited to compete for a spot on the USA Olympic shooting team, and shooting guns together is one of the few positive memories I have of my dad. So, first, if the presence of an (almost) Olympic athlete offends you, then go complain to Jessie Owens. 'Murica. And second, I know I'm a 1st gen Hispanic USA citizen, and I did not come from as "privileged" of an upbringing as most of the people at the conference, and it's been a bit of an uphill battle to learn proper etiquette at the types of places that have $1,000 cover charges, but that did not seem like a polite way to disagree with an opinion or leave a conversation IMO, thank you.

Moreover, I did not enjoy being "bullied" by Democrats during the election period -- telling me what I'm supposed to think or how I'm supposed to vote just because I'm Hispanic, or low-income, or "believe" in Climate Change. Yeah, like I like "believe" in gravity. What would the Brits say? Bugger off? I mean, no, I don't think we should be pumping coal plant emissions into underground aquifers -- our last natural source of clean water on earth...

But that doesn't mean I'm not willing to work with the fossil fuel industry on the zillion other options for CCS and such either. Or what about (18:20) bio/geo-engineering a different climate? Why wasn't anyone talking about that? What happened to the whole, "If you want to go to Mexico, and you're driving 100mph to Canada, reducing your speed to 20 mph [or 0 mph] isn't going to get you there; you have to turn the car around!" How much research funding are we putting into that? >.> What is BP oil doing to make the ocean better? Seriously, I want to know what they're doing over there, and what help they need from people like this to not just clean up the mess they made, but turn the car around. Phytoplankton. Invite them out next time. This was a huge source of conflict for me during the election period. When I challenged my Republican friends' opinions about their perspectives on the issues, I got a list of pros and cons, often with attitude, but a list none the less. When I did the same with my Democrat friends, I got name-called racist, elitist, told I had too much privilege to know what I was talking about, had a bunch of biased narrative and garbage stats thrown at me, and generally found myself talking to either a brick wall, an irate person, or an IYI.

"That's right Lou, get it out. HAHAHA! Oh yeah! HAHAHA!
You don't know where I've been Lou! You don't know where I've been! HAHAHA!"

Check your facts, check your logic, and check your sportsmanship... Virtually none of those Democrats had a clue about what actually matters, nor had actually listened to an entire speech from Trump, nor knew anything beyond the few out-of-context clips presented in a demonizing fear-mongering race-gender-baiting narrative via the we'll-do-anything-for-money MSM. What did it used to be? ~90% of American media was owned by 6 companies? Now down to -- what did I link to above? Gallup? 30% of Americans trust MSM? Apparently 51% of Dems and 14% of Reps self-select to live in echo chambers with ass-kissing yes-men who wouldn't tell them if their own house was on fire. LOL, and they called me arrogant... Where's my "I'm cry" laughing Bitmoji? Wait, a sec... what's this button do? 😂😂😂 there we go! That works. You and me both Brad Pitt.

So, I definitely don't agree with the response from the Republicans in removing the words "climate change" from official language, nor shutting down Navajo... but...

"Was my reaction really that surprising?"

But I do understand why they did it. Trying to find a conservative in a "Climate Change" meeting was like trying to find a needle in a haystack two years ago. Unless you were looking in my org that is: #1 in innovation, top 10 in international diversity, #SafeToFail, #ASU, Keep Shipping Content!

Not very good at either, but come on, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

So, going forward, I think we're over it. But, I'll say it again, I don't want to hear any more extremism in my Climate Change (or Cleantech or Sustainability) meetings, and I will call people out on it.

I think we (Americans & people of earth in general) could really deal with our problems a lot better if we had some more Libertarians in our leadership. More Americans are moderates than extremists, and we're sick of the factioning.

"By every metric we are more divided than ever as a nation. [...]
[According to Pew Research] both sides are terrified of the other side. [...]
We as a nation agree that we should never, ever, have another election like this one."

Problem is, moderates haven't historically been engaged, and a lot of people don't vote. So, candidates appeal to extremists to win the primaries. Fortunately, there are people who read my blog who are both a part of the Republic and the Democracy. I.e., y'all are within the sphere of influence of chief administrators and executives, as well as the general election body. So, chiefs can at least acknowledge when they have a conflict of interest, should not be in charge of something, and work to find someone else to use the pen who's not going to play partisan favorites. "Ordinary people can do extraordinary things" too by letting their fellow citizens know when we actually have reasonably Libertarian candidates available to vote for. Wouldn't that be nice?

In closing, to answer the provocative question that is the title of this blog post: Yes, Democrats should apologize, for a lot of things, and so should Republicans. To each other, to the American people, and to the rest of the world. You know what you did. Now shake hands, and lets work together on Climate Change & sustainability. I don't think there's a person in either party who wouldn't be happy to see Elon Musk take a 1-way trip to Mars. >.>


As I've said before, the 21st century is the digital era of abundance. The metaphorical pie is growing faster than any of us can eat it. So yes, have healthy boundaries for you and your family, but be a little flexible too, "Love thy neighbor", be willing to share and collaborate, and we can all get bigger slices as we clean up spaceship earth, and start commercializing trade with other ships.

*Plus I got two solid dates out of the ASU undie run with women with shared values and who could hold an intelligent respectful conversation like a mature adult. One was a pre-med neurosurgeon who met me for a long-distance run around campus as our first follow-up date, and the other was an underwear promo-model yoga instructor, who's since become a supply chain manager and spokesperson for medical marijuana. Thank you ASU for providing a sober venue (outside the classroom) to find a partner who also values community service, education, health, fitness, and sexy undergarments. You definitely set me up for success. Maybe next time I'll get my part right. =)

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