That month I was a Muslim for Ramadan


That month I was a Muslim for Ramadan -- was actually really enlightening!
It was possibly the best part of my epic tirade of breaking stereotypes in 2017 (list in here).

I'll let you read up on Ramadan here

The best parts, IMO, were:
1. fasting
2. reminding myself what virtuous and sinful behavior was every morning
3. the food afterwards

Me and Muslim friend from Iraq solving world's problems over buffet.

I also now know why a lot of MSM is so anti-Islam. Because they take their temperance quite seriously. And MSM is mostly owned by advertisers who want everyone to think short-term and buy their stupid garbage that we don't need. It's not just the commercials, they influence the "narrative," i.e. subliminal advertising & brainwashing via storytelling in all the content too.

We've come a long way since this.

Anyway, fasting and conscious self-directed mental programming go very well together. Tim Ferris, has repeatedly testimonied the value of some kind of regular fasting, and I can now confirm that too. Not eating any food or drinking water from sunrise to sunset for a month was -- actually not that hard.

Do I look like I have no self-control? 'Murica FTW*
(2002 USA Olympic selection matches in Atlanta, GA)

What did fasting feel like? Well, I had to get up early to eat breakfast in the morning and chug some water, so that meant I had to go to bed early too. I used to do that on reg for a long time. My whole first two years of my PhD program I was in bed at ~10pm, up at 6am, either run for 20 min or go to crossfit, or some such thing, and be in the office by 7am. But, since I was single again, and like hell if I was going to try dating another female university student around the time of the last election season -- don't even get me started -- I decided I wanted to really finally get decent at (Spanish) ballroom dancing already. And of course doing that meant a lot of late nights out practicing, and my sleep schedule got totally out of whack. So, my perspective at the time on Ramadan, was that it was actually a perfect opportunity to re-center myself, and get back to my better healthier habits. I went to bed early, got up, ate my breakfast, Googled some Koran / Quran, forced as much water down my throat as I could take, and went to the office. After about a few hours, I'd feel like I wanted some water. The feeling passed. Around lunch time, I felt hungry, for like 10-15 minutes. The feeling passed for a couple hours.  The feeling came back a couple hours later. My mouth would get dry. It was easy to keep my mouth shut and speak less (a problem for me sometimes) because I didn't want to unnecessarily dry out my mouth any more. And then I went to train at my gym (tired, hungry, and thirsty), and then finally had some water as the sun set at the end of my workout, and went home and had dinner. In short, fasting felt like I was training my willpower and training my brain.


More specifically taming my lizard brain. Strengthening the assertive control my neocortex can apply over my instinctive and emotional brains to control my body. Try it for yourself. In case you didn't know the lizard brain is hardwired to always be asking, can i eat it? will it kill me? can i mate with it? Try watching "free" sponsored-content MSM again now through that lens, and notice how you're being manipulated.

Since Lent is starting tomorrow, throw-down to all my Christian brothers and sisters! How about instead of "giving up" your favorite brand of alcohol, or sweet potato fries, or some other of the many many luxuries you enjoy on the reg as a spoiled 1st world 21st century brat reading this... (Like, really, is that all you got? Is that all Jesus dying for your sins so you can live in this paradise of abundance means to you?) How about you try actually making a legitimate commitment to doing something for God for 40-days, in Jesus's name, that's going to make you feel some physical/emotional discomfort, and make you a better, more mindful, more Christ-like, person? Try doing a legit fast like the Muslims have nailed down, review a parable from your bible every morning and your cardinal virtues, that you're supposed to be living by anyway, and let me know how that works out for you. :-)

And if you're an atheist (first, you haven't read enough, and you don't know what you're talking about, but the rest of us forgive you and love you anyway), or an agnostic, or a Hindu, or a Buddhist, or a Jew, or anything else... Schedule some kind of recurring fasting practice into your life, and train your mind to tame that reactive lizard brain.


*Hmmm... the first gold medal in the 2016 Olympics was won by an American female teenage shooter... wonder why that didn't get any coverage in the mainstream media...

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